Business Phone(707) 280-5758
Opening Time8:00am - 5:00pm
Business Phone(707) 280-5758
Opening Time8:00am - 5:00pm

About The Detailsmith

Delivering mobile auto detailing services tailored for the customer's long-term benefit.

We started with a simple realization.

Our journey started with the simple realization that spawned early and is continually reinforced – people are continuously misinformed and generally don’t understand how to take care of their car.

Many people don’t know the HUGE IMPORTANCE of wax in paint protection and how a simple investment in quality wax applied by a professional can save you thousands of dollars in the future as well as making your vehicle easier to clean and maintain. Many people don’t understand that automatic car washes can hurt their car and leave swirl marks or that the wax at car washes stop protecting your car in a matter of days.

We took this to heart. Unlike other detailers, we don’t let out customers continue to be uninformed. We don’t supply our customers with inferior products. We don’t let them ruin their car so they come back to us sooner for a detail. We educate and we always put our customers needs first.

With our focus on convenience, superior products, quality service, and leaving our customers with the knowledge to protect their vehicle so their detail lasts them longer than ever, we have created a large group of loyal followers that come back to The Detailsmith every time they need a detail. We love to see our customers but are happy that it’s so infrequent because that just affirms that we are doing it right by them – our fellow brothers and sisters in our community!


Our Mission

We are committed to providing our customers the products, service, and education while conveniently coming to them. We believe in perfection through profession and happiness through service. You can rely on us to work for you and not ourselves.