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Business Phone(707) 570-1700
Opening Time8:00am - 5:00pm

Additional Services

Headlight Restoration

Having trouble seeing at night because of cloudy headlights? The Detailsmith offers a body shop quality headlight restoration service that is completely mobile. We come right to your location to restore your headlights to have them look like new.

When you have clear headlights you have better nighttime visibility, plus you can see (and be seen) better in the fog. Not to mention the improved look of your vehicle.

The Detailsmith uses a multi-step process to restore the luster to your headlights. First we completely strip off the old yellow, flaking UV coating. Once that is finished we buff and polish the lens to a shine. Finishing off the process with a high-gloss UV coating will add clarity and longevity to the headlights. Your headlights look new for a fraction of the cost of replacing the lenses. The process takes about 1-2 hours (depending on the vehicle).

Carpet & Fabric Protection

Carpets and upholstery come with special protectants applied that keep dirt and dust away. However, these protectants are quickly stripped away with washes and wear. The can apply new and better protectants to your carpet that will help it stay cleaner, stain less, and keep dust out. Our protectant solutions and techniques will not change the look, feel or color of your carpet or fabric surfaces.

The Deatailsmith is experienced in removing many different types of stains. Through a variety of cleaning methods, products and equipment, we can remove or improve any stain on just about any fabric. Getting your upholstery or carpets stained can be a real bummer, because of the ruined look. Depending on the fabric and type of stain, we can restore your fabric up to 95% of its original appearance.

Smoke Odor Elimination

Driving a vehicle when it smells bad is extremely unpleasant. Strong odor can give you a headache, force you to roll down the windows in winter, increase in intensity in hot weather, and make it embarrassing to have friends or family come along for the ride. Perhaps most importantly, it makes you dread getting in it.

Whether your car has been the victim of a neighborhood cat sneaking in a forgotten open window to mark your backseat, or a food or beverage spilled leaking smelly organic waste into your carpet and padding, or perhaps mold and mildew from rain or flood damage… maybe an unwelcome smoker made themselves at home, or perhaps your car is just stale and musty from drive-thru’s, kids, pets and heavy use.

NO MATTER WHAT THE CAUSE: The DETAILSMITH can remedy the problem and restore your car to it’s ideal condition.

Using heated high-pressure extraction, citrus based cleaners, enzymes and an array of different methods we can remove all traces of odor embedded in the upholstery, headliner, vents and all areas of the interior. We don’t use strong, lingering perfumes in attempts to mask or cover up the odor… WE REMOVE IT!

Our goal is simple- Rid all foul odor and leave your car fresh, ventilated, and neutral… devoid or unpleasant odor and phony fragrances.

We are able to successfully neutralize: Smoke Odor, Pet Odor, Dog Hair and Dander, Animal Urine, Cat Spray, Mold and Mildew, Human Organic Waste (vomit, urine, etc.), Spilled Dairy and Food Products, Sweat and Body Odor, etc.

Water Spot Removal

Water spots are one of the most common paint defects car owners struggle with . We can not only help remove them, but help prevent them from causing coming back and causing damage to your car in the future.

There are two basic kinds of water spots or water marks found on automotive paints.

  • Type I Water Spots – Above Surface Mineral Deposits
  • Type II Water Spots – Below Surface Water Spot Etchings

For the above surface water spots, it can be as simple of a process as washing the car followed by claying the surface of the paint. When it comes to the below surface water spots, it is a slightly more complicated process to remove them. However severe they may be, The Detailsmith has the know how to help you restore you paint and make it stay shiny and new.

Paint Restoration (Buffing & Polishing)

Routine Services/Weekly Washings

Flood Damage Repair